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Cathy Eu Toronto Therapy - Holistic Healing

Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized through imagination, effort, and perseverance.


–Scott Barry Kaufmann

Meet Cathy

Hey! Who am I? I’m a lot of things (registered psychotherapist, mom, Reiki master and energy healer, animal lover), but most importantly (as Irvin Yalom puts it) I’m a fellow traveler on the path. I believe in the healing power of authentic connection, deep listening, and honest reflection. Our work together will create space for vulnerable moments, profound realizations, uninhibited emotions, and most likely - periodic belly laughs.  

I think that the most rewarding aspects of life come from digging under the clutter and finding hidden treasures.  In the mess is where our creativity and resourcefulness live, it’s where we discover our own inner wisdom, it’s what makes us interesting and unique.  Many of us grew up receiving messages that our internal experiences were private, unimportant, or overwhelming to others.  When our deepest emotional needs are not addressed, over time, they transform into psychological issues and habitual patterns that keep us unfulfilled and unhappy. 

I want to help you find more clarity, feel more balanced and in tune.  And help you understand your patterns, where they came from, know your strengths, what tools to use, have more compassionate, fulfilling relationships with others and with yourself and find professional success.

Ongoing Education

I hope to forever be a student. Here’s a little look at where I’ve been and what I’m up to now.


University of Toronto |

B.Sc. in Psychology

Transformational Arts College of Holistic and Spiritual Training |

Diploma, Psychotherapy 

Diploma, Spiritual Direction

University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies |

Certificate, Clinical Hypnosis for Clients and Groups


College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) |

Registered Psychotherapist

National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) |

Certified Hypnotherapist

National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP) |

Basic Practitioner of NLP


Level 1 and 2

 Gottman Method Couples Therapy


Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed


Intimacy From the Inside Out (IFIO) informed

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)


Past life regression


Usui Reiki Master Level


Pranic Healing



Featured Podcasts

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