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 Commonly Asked Questions

What differentiates a spiritual direction session from a therapy session ?

The two have many similarities; they both involve the client telling their story in a bid to derive some meaning and guidance and in both cases, client often open up about difficult emotions such as pain, shame, grief, guilt and anger as well as about their relationships and how they move about life on a daily basis. 


Healing can happen in both instances but where many people are motivated to seek therapy as a result of deep unhappiness or after a precipitating crisis, clients typically come for spiritual direction because they are feeling a deep longing or hunger for more, sometimes without knowing what more actually is or looks like.  It may feel like a yearning or a call from the heart or soul for greater or more meaning or a connection to something beyond the mundane.  


A spiritual director works primarily to facilitate the client’s connection to the divine whereas a psychotherapist facilitates the client’s connection to themselves and to others.

Are you seeing clients in-person during Covid?

Currently, psychotherapy and spiritual direction sessions are conducted virtually or by telephone.  As a mental health professional, I am permitted to see some therapy clients in-office if that is determined to be the best course of action.

At the present time, I am conducting all intuitive energy sessions by telephone only and will resume in-person sessions when permitted to do so.

How long are sessions?

Apart from the initial intake session which can take up to 90 minutes, therapy sessions are typically one hour in length, unless otherwise requested and arranged in advance. 

Spiritual direction sessions are an hour in length.  Intuitive energy sessions can vary in length and may be booked in 15-minute increments.

How often should I come?

When it comes to psychotherapy, it is recommended that clients initially come once a week.  Thereafter, they can move to less frequent schedule.  As therapy is about discovering new ways of thinking and being, consistency is key.

With regards to spiritual direction and intuitive energy work sessions, clients can come as the need arises.

How many therapy sessions are required?

It is difficult to predict from the outset how long a client may need to be in therapy as it varies from client to client.  What is known is that therapy is most effective when clients continue to work on things in between sessions and in their daily life.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations less than 24-hours are subject to the full amount of the session fee.  I acknowledge that there may be extenuating circumstances beyond the client’s control and evaluate those on a case-by-case basis.

Are any of your services covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately, OHIP does not pay for any of these services, but many private insurance companies do offer coverage for psychotherapy by an RP so it is recommended that you check first with your service provider to ensure if your plan covers therapy sessions.  Psychotherapy is now also eligible to be included as a tax deduction for medical expenses if you reach a minimum amount of deduction qualification. Please confirm your eligibility with your tax professional.

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